24/7 KookSoo – Blog 1


             Even though they have same gender, they fought against destiny for what the little thing called LOVE.

Living in a country where still respect the tricky rules from the past, it was hard for them to convey people around them accept their decision.

Up till’ now, everything seem to be ok.


Blog 1: Trust me

Jong Kook staring at his new wife who wear a pinky apron, still confused how to use the newest version of Rice cooker. He actually think his wife understand how to used it very well.

But this is the first night, they spending time together since they got married.

This kind of embarrassing for both of them.

Meanwhile, Kwang Soo is really shy and blushing.

This time, he wants to cook for his darling some great dishes, which he have learned from Ji Hyo noona.

Nevertheless, maybe the plan not going easy, the rice cooker may be troublesome.


“Something wrong…well well.. what should i do? “Kwang Soo tried to calm himself.

The tense atmosphere …. little scary

When he found out that Jong Kook still staring at him.

“It’s there anything wrong?”- Jong Kook asked

“Nope, you don’t have to worry. Just wait a minute.”- Kwang Soo replied

“Well, if there is…”- Jong Kook

“Don’t worry baby, I’m ok.” – Kwang Soo tried to hide his nervous

He tried not look at his husband.


When putting fried fish onto the dish, his hand hit the hot pan.

Suddenly, Jong Kook show up next to him and made sure everything dangerous out of Kwang Soo’s area.

Then he forced Kwang Soo put his hand into water.

“Are you really ok, my sweet?”- Jong Kook looked very gently at his wife.

He worried for this stupid giraffe very much.

However, with an idiot wife, this marriage will be more interesting and a lot of thing he have to worry SOONER OR LATER.

Kwang Soo kept silent since after what happened. Jong Kook is the person who made dinner. Inside his mind, he felt disappointed at himself. Their marriage’s path will be difficult but I did not think that it would happen from the very beginning like this.

He felt so awful.

However, Jong Kook noticed his wife face, he did not want Kwang Soo sad. Maybe this time is the best moment to do this… Jong Kook have an idea.

He holds his wife hands

“If there’s anything that you couldn’t do, just let me know okay?”

“But…but I’m not the person who couldn’t cook his food, you know it too, do you?”

“I know.”- Jong Kook calmly talk with hot temper wife –“oh my Silly Kwang Soo, marriage is not easy. If you really want to prove that we will belong together well with others, you and me have to fight against many difficulties things. Starting by promise with each other that we will always talk, always communicate, ok?”

“..I’m…”- Kwang Soo

“Pinky swear?”- Jong Kook smiled

“okay, Pinky swear.”- Kwang Soo replied.



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