Funfacts – 02

The Dark team:

  • The Trio : Dara ( the Green Snake ) – Baro ( The sleeping kiss) – CL ( not showing her skill yet)
  • The Dark knights : TOP ( The leader – can control monster ) – Tae Yang ( always argue with his leader, maybe he wants to be the best- the leader of this group) – Seungri – Daesung.
  • The mystery woman called Myungsoo in KwangSoo’s room : – still unknown.

Kwangsoo-avatar / Kwangsoo :

  • Kwangsoo-avatar :

    • The wizard in Beauty and the Beast story version made by Suzy in this fiction.
    • He hate Song Ji Hyo ( “Beauty” ).
  • Kwangsoo :

    • He usually act strangely.
      • In love with Jong Kook.
      • Do many scene over 18+ with JongKook ( bedscene)
    • He’s a self-fish person, want to control Jong Kook and everything.
  • He’s prefer Sehun than Myungsoo. Although Myungsoo is Jongkook’s son, Kwangsoo act please with Sehun and not act like that with MS.
    • He told Sehun mustn’t talk with somebody about the power of Myungsoo ( Bcuz, he wants Sehun not be scared and he don’t want Sehun run away which will mess his plan).

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