With Gu family book cast :

1. The first story :

Maybe, I’m in love


Summary : 

In the past, Kang Chi saved Yeol Wool from the angry dog. Due to that situation, Yeol Wool asked her father to training her become a great warrior. So, her father adopted Gin and he became her guard. This story is about love without saying, just only their knows

2. The second story :

The End


Summary : A different ending of the original Gu family Book drama ( Korea ). In my story, Yeol Wool died when she tried to save Kang Chi, because her last will that Kang Chi could win over his destiny and became Human. Then, Kang Chi joined War with his friend, Lee Soon Shin and died in death area.

Many thousand years later, they met again in showbiz. Now, they’re both famous actor and actress. Lee Seung Gi and Bae Suzy decided to work with each other in new history drama called ” The Gu family book”.


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