With Running man cast :

  1. The first story :


Summary : 

In the past, Jong Kook won against Kwang Soo and Running Man cast many times, which made some of them angry about him. However, different in television, Jong Kook actually very lovely and has something unknown feeling for his co-worker Lee KwangSoo.  Then, He received a phone call from his beloved and something happened…


  1. The second story :

Dong-saeng, Hyung loves you.

Summary : 

Kwang Soo must married someone in Viet Nam. And, Jong Kook have some problems with Gary and Ji Hyo. Because Ji Hyo and his mom want to stay with him, which means Jong Kook and Ji Hyo are husband and wife. However, Jong Kook won’t give up and try to confessed with Kwang Soo and they spent one night with each other.

However, the day after that, Jong Kook and Ji Hyo get marry. And Jong Kook replied Father that he did not love the girl next to hime. He ran away with Kwang Soo and this situation made everyone shocked. After that night, they decided to calm down Kook’s mother… but will everything be fine ?


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